Mar 13, 2024

  1. Will the Honorable Prime Minister provide this Honorable House with a detailed explanation of the $110 million loan provided to BPL, including the terms of the loan, interest charge and its contribution to the fuel surcharge experienced by BPL?
  2. Will the Honorable Prime Minister acknowledge that the loan provided to BPL must be accounted for within the approved budgetary appropriations authorized by Parliament, as required, by the Public Debt Management Act and the Constitution? How does the Government plan to rectify this situation and ensure proper accounting for the loan?
  3. Will the Honorable Minister Coleby-Davis inform this Honorable House the extent to which the government has consulted any agencies or members of the public with respect to the future vision and direction of BPL in advance of engaging private firms in discussions about contracts/sale for Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electricity in the Bahamas? Will all benefits of employees remain? Who will be responsible for workers’ salaries and benefits?
  4. Will the Honorable Minister Coleby-Davis advise if the Government intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the awarding of Generation, Transmission and Distribution contracts consistent with the Procurement Act?
  5. Will the Honorable Minister Coleby-Davis advise this Honorable House on how the entities (Generation, Transmission and Distribution) will work in tandem with each other to provide quality service to the Bahamian people?
  6. WilltheHonorableMinisterColeby-DavisadvisethisHonorableHouseof the arrangements between the Transmission and Distribution company and the company that will be responsible for Generation? What is the Government’s role in this arrangement? What is going to be the share structure? To what extent would Bahamians be able to buy shares in this new entity? Is this particular arrangement going to commence in June and is there sufficient time to work out details for Bahamians to become shareholders in this new configured company?
  7. WilltheHonourableMinisterColeby-DavisadvisethisHonourableHouse on who will ultimately own the assets in this reconfigured group of companies?
  8. WilltheHonorableMinisterColeby-DavisadvisethisHonorableHouseif the evaluation has been done on the value of BPL’s assets and the potential for revenue generation to determine what fair value to be placed on the assets and their potential to generate revenue? Furthermore, based on this evaluation, what is the cost the generation, transmission and distribution

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entities must pay for ownership or payment to the government as a contract

9. Will the Honorable Minister Coleby-Davis advise this Honorable House

what steps are being taken to ensure that BPL and the Bahamian people benefit from the new revenue stream from the cruise ships that will be using local energy and or LNG while in Bahamian port?

10. The potential revenue from these ships is potentially north of $5,000,000 per month. Will the Honourable Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Davis indicate who will be collecting and keeping the more than $75 million per year from the cruise ships?

11.Will the Honourable Minister Coleby-Davis advise this Honourable House on the ownership structure of the Transmission and Distribution entity and the Generation entity?

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