June 4, 2024

Press Statement

Distracted Brave Davis commits $66 million budget error

Yet again, we find ourselves with an inattentive and ill-suited Prime Minister committing
yet another obvious error on statements related to public finances.

On this occasion, speaking to the current July to March performance of VAT collections
on realty transactions over $1 million during the budget statement, the Prime Minister
said the following:

“At the end of March 2024, we have only collected $15.1 million or 7.9 percent of the
[budgeted] total.”

The Prime Minister went on to explain that he and his Ministry of Finance were so
concerned with this underperformance that they took specific policy action to & “improve

The challenge is that budget statements presented in Parliament indicate a vastly
different outcome for that same nine-month period, from June to March. On page 9 of
the budget estimates, the results for that period show an intake of $81.4 million for that
category of VAT receipts, not $15.1 million as stated by the Prime Minister.

This is not a small typo or editing error; It’s a $66 million budgetary mistake.

Which one did the Prime Minister get wrong; The revenue numbers in the budget
statement, or the revenue numbers in the budget book? Inquiring minds want to know.

We recall that early in 2023, the Prime Minister was forced to apologize to the Nassau
Guardian when he apparently did not understand that the newspaper had accurately
reported what he said about his government’s increased fiscal deficit for the related
period. Confusion has become the norm under Davis; distracted leadership.

We have long called for the Prime Minister to slow down on his globetrotting and spend
some time focusing on work here at home. He is paid to execute his job as the Minister
of Finance, but his priorities are obviously elsewhere. If he has no intentions of cutting
back on his beloved travel agenda, he should consider appointing a full-time Minister of
Finance who will not embarrass the government and the country with repeated gaffes
on critical fiscal matters.

A Minister of Finance who cannot get the numbers correct is inexcusable.

Michael C. Pintard
Leader, Free National Movement



May 26, 2024

Opposition demands immediate investigation into $675k FTX payment to public

The Opposition is alarmed by the reported allegation that FTX paid some $675,000 in
donations to companies with close ties to senior government officials. These disturbing
allegations were reportedly contained in a preliminary assessment by the US Justice
Department-appointed special examiner Robert Cleary, who was assigned to
investigate matters incidental to FTX's collapse.

To protect the Bahamas' reputation as a credible and legitimate place to do business,
the Prime Minister must immediately agree to launch a complete and thorough
investigation into these allegations of potential public corruption.

Which companies received these monies, and who were the ultimate beneficiaries of
the funds? What purposes were the monies paid out for? Did the senior government
officials involved declare the conflict of interests? Were these senior government
officials in positions that directly or indirectly influence decisions impacting FTX, its
competitors or the digital marketplace? Do the Bahamian court-appointed liquidators
have access to this information regarding nearly $700,000 in "donations" to companies
affiliated with high-ranking Bahamian officials and their families?  Have the Bahamian
liquidators put the matter forward to the authorities for further criminal investigation?

Prime Minister Davis must bring the same energy to investigating this matter as he has
brought to investigations of alleged wrongdoing by Opposition members. We do not
want this to be yet another case where the Prime Minister loses his appetite for
accountability when it comes to matters impacting people associated with the PLP.

We anticipate that the necessary investigation will examine the activities of all public
officials who had spheres of influence over decisions related to FTX, regardless of
political affiliation, before and after the change in administration. Let the proverbial chips
fall where they may.

Let's not forget that although the investigation and subsequent trial of now-convicted
felon Sam Bankman-Fried uncovered a series of crimes that would also breach the
DARE Act of The Bahamas, we have received no explanation for why those apparent
breaches of Bahamian law were never thoroughly investigated and pursued.

The Opposition is renewing our call for the Government to appoint a bipartisan Select
Committee of Parliament that would review all matters related to the FTX debacle and
the enabling legislation and domestic operating environment that gave rise to that
unfortunate situation. We must look past partisan politics and work collaboratively
across the aisle with industry stakeholders to ensure that our legislative, regulatory and
policy framework can build a robust and nimble digital assets industry that attracts only
credible entities committed to sound business practices.

The Prime Minister must ensure that the Bahamas government gets out front on the
investigation and not be pressed to move by subsequent revelations from external
sources. If the Davis Administration shirks from its constitutional duty to protect the
integrity of the jurisdiction from grave allegations of apparent misconduct by Bahamian
public officials, the Prime Minister will yet again demonstrate to the Bahamian people
and the global investment community that he and his Cabinet have neither the interest
or the inclination to uphold the rule of law and the necessary standards of conduct in
public life.

Hon. Michael C. Pintard, M.P.
Leader of the Free National Movement


Free National Movement statement of condolences on the passing of MCM Cedric parker

May 18, 2024

My wife Berlice and I join the entire Free National Movement Family in
extending heartfelt condolences on the passing of MCM Cedric Parker,
K.C., senior partner in the law firm that bears his name. He is another
warrior in the illustrious history of the FNM that has gone on to his reward.

MCM Parker was one of that distinguished group of courageous men and
women who believed in the worthiness of the cause and dedicated
themselves to ensuring that the FNM became the government of The
Bahamas, when it meant literally putting one’s family and one’s life on the

Mr. Parker demonstrated his commitment to the FNM in many ways,
including providing legal advice. That commitment was no more evident
than his agreement to stand as a candidate in the Holy Cross constituency
in 1982 and again in 1987.

The young boy from Abaco did well in his studies at the University of the
West Indies and later served as a teacher and Principal in the Family
Islands. He entered the legal profession, articling in the Chambers of the
Hon. Henry Bostwick, K.C… After being called to the bar, he established
the firm Cedric L. Parker & Co, specializing in the Law of Real Property,
Commercial Law, and Civil Litigation.

Throughout his legal career, MCM Parker distinguished himself as an
attorney’s attorney with his advice being sought by many senior and junior
colleagues alike. He was one of few attorneys who represented clients in
the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Privy Council.

His outstanding acumen in the practice of law earned him an appointment
as Queen’s Counsel in 2018.

Not selfish in lending his time, talents and treasures in a social cause,
MCM Parker was a distinguished Past Master of Lodge St. David No. 1741
Scottish Constitution.

Cedric- an outstanding Bahamian who served our party and country well,
will be missed by his loving wife Josephine, his children and all of us in the
Free National Movement.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory!

Hon. Michael C. Pintard, M.P.
Leader of the Free National Movement


Free National Movement statement of condolences on the passing of A. Loftus Roker

The Bahamas has lost a national treasure with the passing of the Hon. A. Loftus Roker.

Mr. Roker, a former Minister of National Security, was known for his tough stance on
Immigration when he served as Minister responsible. He was never afraid to voice his
opinion even if it went against the grain of his political party; He called a spade a spade!

A scholar and a statesman, he was a nationalist with an abiding love for the Bahamas.
Roker was the last living signatory of the Bahamas Constitution, closing a chapter of
Bahamian history that is destined to inspire future generations. He was as comfortable
in the hallowed halls of Parliament as he was at a Domino table under the bridge or in
his beloved Acklins.

The country has indeed lost a National Treasure and hero with his passing. He will be
greatly missed and always remembered.

On behalf of my wife Berlice, myself, and the entire Free National Movement family, we
extend our heartfelt condolences to the family on his passing.

Hon. Michael C. Pintard, M.P.
Leader of the Free National Movement



May 2, 2024

Today, the Chairman and Secretary General of the Free National Movement
appeared before the Supreme Court on an application for an urgent injunction
filed by claimants, Antoinette Nesbitt, Pamela Miller and Astra Armbrister-Rolle of
the #TeamEmpowerHer campaign vying for positions in the FNM Women’s
Association. The women sought an injunction to prevent the conduct of Women’s
Association on this evening, 2 nd May, 2024.

The claimants were represented by Attorney Cristina Galanos who presented
many arguments including questioning the financial standing of several MCMs
who either nominated a candidate or registered to vote. After argument by both
sides the judge dismissed the application for the injunction and said the elections
will go on this evening.

The FNM believes in democracy and to the rights of the claimants to seek redress
in the Courts. The Court has issued its ruling and we are pleased to see that the
elections will go on as scheduled.

We look forward to a fair and just elections.

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