DIGITISATION OF GOVERNMENT SERVICES – Making it quicker and easier and saving money

– Launched a digital transformation programme that will make it possible for all major Government services to be accessed online

– To date, twenty-one (21) Government-services have been digitised, including:

  • Passport renewals for adult e-passports
  • Driver’s license renewals
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates

–  23,705 users have signed up for these services under MyGateway



  • Bahamians now experience reduced wait time and can avoid long lines
  • Average delivery time 5-7 days for New Providence and 10-14 days for Family Island passports and regular overseas requests
  • Since launch of the program in 2019, 14,771 passports have been issued using the online portal



  • New Satellite Passport Offices established on the following Family Islands:
    • Eleuthera
    • Exuma
    • Inagua
    • Long Island


  • This saves families thousands of dollars as they no longer have to travel to and from New Providence to process their passport applications


LAND REFORM – Building Economic Empowerment

  • Increased access to homeownership through the Government’s ready-to-build Serviced Lots initiative in New Providence and the Family Islands
  • Phase I of 365 ready-to-build serviced lots and/or homes at Carmichael Village Subdivision commenced with civil and electrical infrastructure, with first 100 commitment letters issued
  • Launched Prospect Ridge Community for Young Professionals, including infrastructure design and application process – Environmental Impact Assessment already being reviewed by the Department of Environmental Protection and Planning
  • Awarded over 100 Crown Land grants in throughout the Family Islands


  • Invested in small businesses and young entrepreneurs through the development of thInvest
  • Approved to date $68,726,028.69 through the SBDC in loans, grants & equity
  • Approved to date 1,947 small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Allocated $25m as seed money for 2021/2022, with the projection that this will result in over $50m investment in small businesses through commercial and international partnerships



  • The Government has provided $51.7millions in food assistance during the COVID 19 Pandemic
  • In the height of the Pandemic 57,000 families were being assisted
  • Now that the economy is reopening, 18,000 families are being assisted



  • 5 million cubic yards of debris cleaned up at a cost of over $20 million
  • Small Home Repair Programme provided direct assistance to just under 3,000 homeowners
  • Secured temporary housing for many displaced residents
  • Central Pines Housing Development underway to provide free homes to displaced residents
  • More than $100m concessions given across Abaco and Grand Bahama under the Special Economic Recovery Zone Act
  • Repaired 28 schools across Abaco and Grand Bahama
  • All public medical facilities on Abaco operational
  • Restoration of the Rand Memorial Hospital Phase 1 at $15m; Phase II under way at another $15m






Launched the Bahamas Government Tertiary Grant Program to allow qualified students at UB and BTVI to attend tuition-free

Started upgrade of the BTVI campus

Provided a $500 monthly stipend for Family Island students attending UB and BTVI




 Invested millions in universal pre-school initiative, providing vouchers for pre-schoolers to attend school

Partnered with approximately 100 private preschools on New Providence, Andros, Abaco and Grand Bahama to accommodate thousands of pre-schoolers annually

Gave $1million in grants to pre-school directors, each up to $25k, to upgrade and expand their current pre-schools

Building the program to provide Crown land and grant funding to increase private preschools throughout the family islands




 Launched the ‘One Network Project,’ a $17 million technology upgrade starting with 8 public schools

Developed tech-smart campuses with fibre optic infrastructure and WiFi on New Providence, Grand Bahama and Eleuthera

Distributed more than 2,700 tablets, 100 laptops and 100 projectors in public primary and preschools.

Executed virtual learning following Hurricane Dorian and during COVID 19


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