Stephen Greenslade

Garden Hills

Mr. Stephen George Greenslade’s story is one that inspires, motivates, and educates a generation of Bahamians.  As a Certified Protection Officer (International Foundation of Protection Officers), having trained in paralegal studies with The Bahamas Institute of Business and Commerce, Certified Fraud Specialist, and extensive training in all aspects of Safety, Security, and Loss Prevention, he has certainly raised the ceiling on our possibilities. Coming from humble beginnings in Nassau, he first started his career as a police officer with the Royal Bahamas Police force where he served six (6) rewarding years in various divisions, then on to the Nassau Marriott Resorts, Wyndham Nassau Resorts, and Crystal Palace (now known as Baha Mar Resort and Casino) where he left as the Director of Security. Throughout his tenure, Mr. Greenslade would have learned and mastered the essential qualities of discipline that have played an integral part in his success today.

Mr. Greenslade is the proud founder and owner of ICS of The Bahamas Co. Ltd. (Group of Companies) and has developed his business acumen throughout the years which led to the establishment of a strong Bahamian business enterprise consisting of a group of five (5) companies operating between The Bahamas and the United States of America.

Mr. Greenslade is a visionary, patriot, forward thinker, and philanthropist who has demonstrated his extraordinary leadership abilities in several areas both locally and internationally. He has strategically based the critical business culture of ICS on a combination of best business practices that have led to his outstanding success, thus allowing him to rise to the forefront of the Security Service and Safety Industry in The Bahamas. He believes in educating and training his people and has frequently traveled internationally to places such as China, London, Canada, Singapore, and the Americas in his quest for excellence while embracing the business culture of those countries.

Mr. Stephen George Greenslade is one of those rare individuals who knew what he wanted to become at a very early age in his life. He is a man for all seasons, a man of action, a man of purpose, and a man of extraordinary vision.

As a very generous individual, Mr. Greenslade has shared his sharp business insight with persons from all walks of life through public forums, seminars, talk shows, and speaking at various learning institutions. He is an outstanding mentor to a cadre of young Bahamians. When the name Stephen George Greenslade is mentioned, people automatically think of the following words: determination, discipline, generous, fearless, passionate, loyal, dedicated, and persistent.

Mr. Greenslade is committed to his country and has embarked on a journey to make a difference and indelible impact on the socio-economic conditions with his innovative ideas that have catapulted him to the top of his industry both locally and regionally. He aims to bring perspective to governance and local politics. In this arena, he will continue to inspire, motivate, and challenge a generation of Bahamians.

He has received several accolades throughout the years and wears several hats. He is an Honorary Member of The Rotary Club of West Nassau and a recent recipient of The Paul Harris Fellowship award which is the highest distinction a Rotarian could achieve. He is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) where he held the chair of secretary until 2019 and serves as a member of the Bahamas Chapter. In 2011, he was the finalist in the Business Person of the Year award by the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation in 2015 he was nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year for the Bahamian Icon Awards. As a philanthropist, he continues to donate toward many local charities and organizations including but not limited to: The Salvation Army, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Shaback Ministries, Sister Sister Breast Cancer Group, Grand Bahama Youth Choir, Living Waters Kingdom Ministries, and the Bahamas Hurricane Relief Fund. Mr, Greenslade is a believer by faith and a God-fearing family man who is a member of Living Water Kingdom Ministries.

He is married to Mrs. Natalka M. Greenslade, nee Henfield (former Offshore Banker), and a proud father of five (5) children; Steve Jr., Dashinique, Brittany, Brenay, and Brianna. As an independent thinker, he marches to the beat of his own drum and is fiercely loyal, and would serve with distinction, compassion, and integrity. He is someone who believes in fair play, leveling the playing field, and justice for all. Yes, he is definitely a Man for All Seasons with an exemplary track record in business. As a positive role model to many, he is living his purpose today.

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