Deputy Leader Shanendon Cartwright

St. Barnabas

The Honorable Shanendon Eugene Cartwright serves as a Member of Parliament for the St. Barnabas Constituency.  His leadership, innovation, and commitment to public service have been heralded both nationally and within the communities of St. Barnabas.  He has implemented an expansive community-driven agenda anchored by transformative programs with a “people first” focus.

In Parliament, Shanendon helped lead on several infrastructure improvements as well as social services programs that benefit our youth, senior citizens and local businesses communities. However; Shanendon is only getting started.  He is eager to continue helping the FNM to challenge the status quo by creating a more transparent government and growing new jobs and opportunities for all Bahamians.

On February 25, 2022 Shanendon was elected as the party’s deputy leader. 

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