Quintin Percentie


Matthew 19: 26 proclaims, “With God all things are possible!” This verse is the cornerstone of Mr. Quintin Percentie’s life.  With a passionate drive for civic, community and national development, Quintin Percentie is an Attorney-At-Law and community activist, determined to build the lives of future leaders and prepare them for success. With guidance from God, this young man has excelled in academics and professionally while empowering his community though service.

Hailing from the dynamic and close-knitted community of Union Village, Quintin graduated from the R.M Bailey Senior High School in 1992 and went on to study at the then College of The Bahamas where he studied Economics. After completing his studies at COB in 1995, Quintin decided to advance his education at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama, where he got his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 1996 and his Master’s in Public Administration in 1997. His final academic merit- thus far- is a Barr Practice Training Course Certificate from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013.

Quintin’s academic pursuit laid the foundation for his burning desire to serve others. He moved back to The Bahamas with the purpose of empowering youth through service. With that in mind, he was employed as an administrative assistant at the Simpson Penn Centre for Boys from 1999 to 2000 where he played an integral role in the daily operation of the facility. 

In the years to follow, Quintin’s zeal for service led him to be elected president of a number of prominent organizations where he played a fundamental role in their advancement. In 2000, he was elected president of The Society’s Boys Club – a position he held for seven years. In 2004, he was also elected president of the Kiwanis Club of the Over-The-Hill. 

Furthermore, Quintin served as the president of the Free National Movement Torchbearers Association from 2000 to 2002. He continued to excel in the FNM, becoming Deputy Protocol Officer in 2003 until 2005. After this achievement, he became Assistant Secretary General until 2007.

 Nevertheless, while uplifting others, the Union Villager felt he could better assist his community by furthering his educational journey. As a result, he enrolled in The University of Law in Chester, United Kingdom in 2009 where he obtained his Graduate Diploma in Law. Quintin was called to the bar in 2014 in both The Bahamas and England, granting him the ability to practice law in both jurisdictions. 

Determined to return home and build the land he loves, from 2014-2016, Quintin served as Assistant Counsel in The Office of the Attorney General. During this time, he functioned as a prosecutor in criminal matters where he was tasked with completing bail applications, case management, constitutional motions, criminal prosecutions, etc. 

In 2019 Quintin was appointed Assistant Director of Cooperatives in The Department of Cooperatives Development in the Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources, a position he held until his resignation from the Public Service. There he is charged with monitoring, supervising and inspecting cooperatives throughout the length and breadth of the archipelago. 

Beyond what is required Mr. Percientie is actively involved in community advancement, especially the empowerment of young people. The motto of Kiwanis is, “Serving the Children of the World.” Mr. Percentie’s civic involvement echoes this slogan in all he does. He is the sitting President of Middle Town Sporting Cultural, Community Development Association. Further, Quintin has served for many years as a board member of Ricardo Miller Children’s Ministries in Dallas, Texas. 

A devout Christian, Quintin is currently an elder at Living Waters Kingdom Ministries. During the last fifteen years, Quintin has radiated his love for community by serving on statutory boards including The Hospital Licensing Authority Board, National Workers Cooperative Credit Union, Supervisory Committee and T. A. Thompson Junior High School Board.

Quintin is zealous about community development, supporting the less fortunate and molding the minds and lives of the nation’s youth.

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