Dr. Hubert Minnis


Born to a humble family Over the Hill, Hubert Minnis learned the value of education and hard work early on in life. These values were ingrained in him by his hardworking mother of 7, who worked as a lunch vendor at Stephen Dillett Primary School.

Going to public school then continuing his education at St Augustine, his faith and steadfastness led Hubert to medical school. Choosing courage over comfort, Dr. Minnis became a department head at Princess Margaret Hospital, encouraging innovation and training, including telemedicine. He demonstrated a keen interest in cutting edge medical skills such as laparoscopic surgery.

As former Prime Minister, Dr. Minnis  worked tirelessly to expand educational and employment opportunities for all Bahamians while supporting small businesses and bringing in new investments. For nearly five years he provided steadfast leadership to the Bahamian people, even in the face of dual unprecedented crises. 

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