Drumeco Archer

Fort Charlotte

He is the son of Mr. John Spurgeon Wendal Archer and Euphemia Agatha Poitier. He was raised through the historic streets of what was then called the Grants Town community through Deveaux St, being raised by his step-father Wenzel Poitier, the nephew of Sir Sydney Poitier.

Drumeco, affectionately called “Meco” attended Our Lady’s Catholic School and went on to attend St. Augustine’s College. He received his first degree from The University of Central Florida, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Political Science. Later, he attended The University of The West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados Campus and received his Bachelor’s of Law degree with Honours. He matriculated through the Eugene Dupuch Law School and was called to the Bar as a Counsel and Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas in 2007.

Meco has had an incredible cross-section of professional exposure, working both in the public and private sector. On his initial return from University, believing that the bedrock of economic development starts with the stimulus of small and medium enterprises, he immersed himself into the world of local enterprise as a Projects Development Officer at BAIC (Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation).

Ownership of land, he believes fosters stronger and independent communities. And so he embarked upon real estate endeavors working for Oris E. Symonnette Real Estate before returning to Law School.

As a student in Law School as well as a pupil, he was employed by Lockhart and Munroe and eventually moved on to the Financial Services industry, where he was employed with Societe Generale, formerly S. G. Hambros Bank and Trust, as a Trust Officer, and eventually a  Compliance and Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

Drumeco’s insatiable love for local and international business has led him to founding his own legal practice, Stone Arch International where his focus centres around assisting local entrepreneurs and international businesses in the structuring and re-structuring of their business, ranging from the Construction sector to Telecommunications. Doing business efficiently in The Bahamas’ diverse marketplace, Archer believes is the hallmark of a more success, more prosperous Bahamas.

As a former Torchbearer and once a member of the Blue Hills constituency association, Archer has always been a true and faithful supporter of the Free National Movement Party. Drumeco believes that the essence of true “Bahamianhood” is the manifestation of its local and global identity through the development of young people through a more focused attention on stronger academic, athletic and cultural programs.

In the early 2000s Archer was a part of the cultural explosion of Junkanoo as the Valley Boys Public Relations Chairman. He believes that like Reggae, Carnival and Soca, Junkanoo should be jealously guarded as a sacred relic of what it means to be a Bahamian and that Junkanoo must become a global watermark that the world relishes in every art form and media.

As a young boy of very humble beginnings, Meco has developed the deepest respect for the profoundness and power of sports. The engagement of sports has changed the lives for so many Bahamians and has invariably changed his. His involvement in track and field has been the catalyst to his academic and professional ambitions, receiving a partial athletic scholarship from the University of Central Florida. Archer is indebted to the sport of Track and Field, for it has made him everything that he is today – focused, resilient, respectful, hard-working and unrelenting. He is currently the President of The Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA).

Archer says that he is grateful to God for all of his life’s experiences and for a mother, Phemie who has loved him more than herself. He is equally grateful for his step-father, Wenzel who sat him on his lap and taught him how to read from the newspaper and his father, Johnny “Moon” who has inspired him to be a strong and productive citizen; for a step-mother, Karen who has accepted him as her very own and for an amazing wife, Chakita, who has been his rock, backbone and everything in between since the day they both said “I do”. Archer is grateful for his greatest body of work, his two children Katia and Dylan who have both manifested his vision of children who are an examples of ordinary Bahamians who, with a little bit of support and care, can be anything they want to be.

He is also thankful to his siblings and every single person who has touched him both positively and negatively. Everything that he has experienced has become spendable currency in all of the vicissitudes of his life. For this, he is grateful for all of the blessing which HE has given him.

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