Brian Berkley Brown

Golden Isles

Brian Berkley Brown was born on 25th January 1972 to the late Stedman and Ophesion Brown in Nassau, Bahamas.

At the age of five, Brian began his childhood education at the Abraham Bay All-Age School on the island of Mayaguana.

In 1982, his parents relocated from Mayaguana seeking a better life for their children. Brian was enrolled at S.C. McPherson Junior High School and was later transferred to the R.M. Bailey Senior High School, where he graduated with Honors.

Brian was determined to be one of Mayaguana’s outstanding achievers. After graduating high school, he began his stellar career at British American Insurance, now known as Bahamas Assurance Financial (BAF).

In March of 1992, he was hired at the company as a Sales Agent.  Through hard work and dedication, his journey to success begun, and he was promoted to Manager in 2003.  A firm believer in the phrase “Hard work pays off,” his zeal and quest to achieve much for Bahamas Assurance Financial lead him to become one of the Most Outstanding Achievers at BAF.  Brian traveled the world representing BAF, attending many Leadership Conferences for the company. During his career, he received many awards. In 2016 he was awarded Manager of the Year, and in 2018 he received the “Hall of Fame Award.

An avid learner, he attended the LIMRA International in Windsor, Connecticut, and received recognition for completing the District Management Seminar in 2003 and another in “The Agency and Management Training Course.”

In 2018 he attended the GAMA International and received the “International Management Award Bronze” and the AMTC Management Seminar.

Brian is an advocate for change.  He became a member of the Free National Movement in 1987. He was voted as the 2nd Vice President of the Torchbearers Youth Association and presently serves as the Chairman of the Golden Isles Constituency Association from 2010.  In 2018 he was given a Certificate of Recognition from the Free National Movement for his service, loyalty, and dedication to the Party and the “British Empire Medal Award” in 2020. He also serves on the Clifton Heritage Board.

He is an outstanding worker in the Golden Isles constituency for the Free National Movement, and he is well-received by everyone.

Brian is a devoted member of Cousin McPhee Cathedral.  He is actively involved in the church in Men’s Fellowship, the Steward Board, and is a Worship Leader.  He is a member of the Bahamas Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, serving as Trustee.  He previously served as the Youth President and the President of the Bahamas Conference Lay Organization.

There are not enough words to describe a man worthy of Praise Mr. Brian Berkley Brown.  He is a dedicated worker with a love for service and country.

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