Mar 28, 2024

March 12, 2024

As Bahamian citizens and businesses express their bewilderment with the Davis Administration’s confused bungling of the NIB Fund reform efforts, we witness once again that our Prime Minister and his Cabinet have no understanding of or respect for the basic principles and conventions of our system of government.

According to press reports, the Prime Minister indicated that the government never approved the 20 year plan of rate increases by NIB that the Minister for NIB, Alfred Sears, claimed was the government’s policy to commence July 2024.    So, by that admission, the Prime Minister is stating that Minister Sears misled the Bahamian people with his statement on the House floor.

If this is so, then Minister Sears must tender his resignation or be fired.   This would not be the first time that Minister Sears has misled Parliament, given his repeated misleading commentary on the BPL fuel hedging matter.

We note with extreme interest that Minister Sears has been remarkably silent on this situation, even as his Prime Minister is claiming that he has defied Cabinet with an unauthorized pronouncement on a critical policy matter.

*Or perhaps, Davis’ failure to act may actually mean that the Prime Minister himself is misleading the public* when he claims that he and his Cabinet did not authorize the 20 years of NIB increases.

An administration that does not follow the basic tenets of governance is an administration that has disqualified itself to lead the people.

Hon. Michael C. Pintard, M.P.


Free National Movement

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