Dec 18, 2023


Free National Movement

December 3, 2023


THE BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement (FNM) decries political violence in all its forms, whether verbal or physical. It was with concern that the FNM became aware of an alleged attack on Mr. Richard Johnson, a Party Member, and Vice Chairman, outside of FNM Party Headquarters on the evening of Thursday, the 30th day of November A.D. 2023. We are grateful that, according to the published reports, Party Members and bystanders were able to intervene and protect Mr. Johnson. We are continuing to investigate this matter and will be taking immediate steps to further secure our Party Headquarters and its precincts. We have reported the matter to the Royal Bahamas Police Force and await the results of their investigation.

Our goal is to ensure that every member of the FNM feels safe and empowered, and we will continue to take the necessary measures to ensure that all Party Members and supporters are able to participate fully and freely in the valuable work of the FNM.

It is regrettable that Mr. Richard Johnson, in the wake of this traumatic event, has chosen to falsely accuse the Leadership of the FNM of involvement in such a vile and cowardly attack. Not only is any such involvement denied, but we are concerned that such a baseless and spurious statement could be so casually and recklessly uttered and repeatedly broadcast.

Any attempt to link this unfortunate incident to Mr. Johnson’s ongoing criticism of the FNM or with the pending internal party disciplinary proceedings against Mr. Johnson for misconduct or his litigation against the FNM regarding the same is dishonest and misguided. Neither the FNM nor any member of its Leadership Team had any involvement in the alleged attack upon Mr. Johnson. The FNM remains open to persons of differing views and diverse opinions. We expect that the expression of such differences be done with respect, in decency, and free of violence.

The Free National Movement continues to be the party of freedom of speech, thought, and expression.

We are better and stronger because of our differences.
We will continue to hold the Government to account on behalf of the Bahamian people. We will continue to move Forward United.

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