In Loving Memory of MCM Theophilus Farquharson

Sep 20, 2023

It’s with a heavy heart to share the sad news of Theo “FNM” Farquharson’s passing. Theo, a staunch supporter of the FNM, left an indelible mark on our party and our hearts. He was a dedicated pillar of strength, always reminding us of the grassroots supporters who nurtured, grew, and defended the FNM. His unapologetic FNM identity was both his badge of honor and his guiding light.

Theo’s loyalty was respected even by friends from opposing political affiliations. He fearlessly voiced his opinions, both within and outside the party, standing up for what he believed in. His candidness was his trademark, and his words carried weight in matters close to his heart.

He was a warrior against injustice and bias, fearlessly addressing any unfairness faced by FNM supporters and fellow citizens. His passionate advocacy was matched only by the genuine care he had for our cause. With Theo, what you saw was what you got – his emotions, his sleeves rolled up, and his heart on display.

Affectionately known as “uncle” to many, Theo’s advice was like gold – unfiltered and often unexpected. He wore his passion on his sleeve, exuding a warmth that made him family to all. As a political historian, strategist, and patriot, he shared his wealth of knowledge selflessly.

The legacy he leaves behind is one of sacrifice, unwavering defense, and consistent service. He earned the right to speak his mind, as his dedication was beyond question. His love for us and our cause was evident, and it’s a sentiment we reciprocated wholeheartedly.

In our grief, let’s also celebrate the impact Theo had on us. Let’s remember his words of encouragement, his guidance, and his genuine concern for our wellbeing. His memory will continue to inspire us to stand strong and united, carrying forward the principles he held so dear.

Berlice and I, along with the entire Free National Movement, want to convey our sincerest condolences to Theo’s wife Hilda Farquharson, and to the entire Farquharson family and circle of friends. During this difficult time, may the cherished memories you hold dear and the enveloping love provide you solace and comfort.

With deepest sympathies,

Michael Pintard

Leader, Free National Movement

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