Letter To Prime Minister Davis Fiscal Responsibility Council

Aug 11, 2023

The Honourable Philip Brave Davis

Prime Minister

Commonwealth of the Bahamas

West Bay Street

Nassau, The Bahamas

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Fiscal Responsibility Council

The Opposition remains concerned that the Fiscal Responsibility Council (FRC) is not fulfilling its legal mandate.  We have raised this matter several times, most recently during the Committee stage of the budget debate last month.  At the time, the government committed to providing the public an update on the status of the FRC.

Grateful if your office would immediately respond to the following:

  1. What is the status and current membership of the FRC?
  1. Who is the current chairperson of the FRC and when was he or she    appointed?
  1. Do the members of the FRC continue to receive a stipend?  If not, when was t 

           the last date that they received a stipend?

  1. When will the three tardy legally mandated reports – one of which is more 

than a year late – be published?

     5) What specific steps are your Ministry taking to ensure that, moving forward, the Council is able to publish its reports in a timely manner as required by law?

I am confident that you are well aware of the important oversight function of the FRC.  You would also be aware that the failure of the Council to publish its reports puts it in breach of the law.  To ensure that your government fulfills its electoral mandate for a more accountable and transparent government, we anticipate that you will ensure that the necessary steps are taken immediately to rectify whatever set of circumstances is keeping the FRC from fulfilling its statutory obligations.

We look forward to your prompt response and to the public on the matters raised herein.


Hon. Michael C. Pintard, M.P.

Leader of the His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition

Cc: Auditor General

Media Houses


17th July, 2023

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