Jul 21, 2023

Freeport Container Port is an important industrial partner in Grand Bahama. Human Resources policy at the Container port should always be aligned with the national immigration laws and policies of the Bahamas. There have been no significant policy shifts in the past few decades in government policy.

We in the FNM maintain that Bahamians should benefit from career opportunities for which they are qualified and should be trained and mentored when such vacancies are initially out of reach. If a job is available in the Bahamas and there is a suitably qualified Bahamian – they should be offered that opportunity.

Our national immigration ministry and board along with the Labour Department are quite capable of ensuring compliance with the letter and spirit of this approach. There is no need for any public spat or posturing between the agencies of government and any employer. Clearly, the current administration has decided that it is in their partisan political interest to adjudicate these matters in the press. Focus should be less on optics but more on results.

The Container Port’s recent positions advertised should no doubt attract many suitably qualified Bahamians. The Ministry of Labour should ensure that the company is in no way tailoring its job description to unfairly advantage any particular applicants.

The government should use the instruments and agencies of government to impact the lives of Bahamians in a meaningful way. A tripartite approach involving government, industry and workers is the approach that should be taken and is recommended by the Free National Movement. Let’s empower Bahamians and move on to more challenging issues facing the people of Grand Bahama.

Dr. Duane Sands

Free National Movement, Chairman

July 5, 2023

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