Government Must Lead a Collective National Response on Crime Epidemic

May 10, 2023

Government must lead a collective national response on crime epidemic. The
continuing carnage on our streets has left the Bahamian people wondering what it will
take for there to be action to address what is clearly a “crime epidemic” in our nation.
We must accept that we are not helpless in shaping our response to this debilitating
scourge that continues to threaten our way of life.

The Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas’ number one priority is to
ensure the safety and security of the Bahamian people from both foreign and domestic
threats. They must be the one to direct this response. Just as we ought not to normalize
the high rates of gun violence in our communities, we should not normalize nor accept
that the Government cannot do anything about it. They have an obligation to structure
a response with the involvement of all stakeholders. They have a duty to lead and
present a comprehensive plan. They should not be bystanders or spectators in this fight.
The men and women of the Royal Bahamas Police Force cannot do it alone.
Over a year ago in March 2022, the Opposition presented forty-six (46) anti-crime
recommendations to the Government for its consideration. There has been no response
to those recommendations nor engagement by the Government on the impact or efficacy
of what was presented.

On behalf of the Bahamian people, we call upon the Government to lead and execute a
comprehensive, well structured, national anti-crime plan. It should incorporate the
strategic involvement of all stakeholders: the church, civic organizations, community
associations, law enforcement, legislators, and the judiciary.
As always, the Opposition is willing and ready to assist in this fight. We continue to
express our support for the men and women of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and
offer our prayers to the many families who have lost loved ones to this crime epidemic
that continues to invade our communities.

Shanendon E. Cartwright, M.P.
Deputy Leader
Free National Movement

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