Dec 28, 2022

I am saddened to have learnt of Edward Andrew “Dud” Maynard passing early this morning.

Dud served his country well and was considered by many as a key figure in our local political and national development. He was the youngest child of the late Clement Traveyn Maynard Sr. and historic activist the late Georgiana Kathleen Symonette, considered one of the foremost leaders of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. His involvement in the world of activism and politics is said to have emerged from his time spent with his mother who travelled throughout the Bahamas collecting signatures and persuading women to register to vote.

Dud would later join and become active within the Progressive Liberal Party serving as Vice Chairman and then Chairman, where his formidable organizational skills as election coordinator contributed to successive PLP victories at the polls. Dud would eventually leave the Progressive Liberal Party and along with his son the late Charles Maynard, he joined the Free National Movement where he brought with him decades of political knowledge and experience.

He played a pivotal role in his son’s political development and success, assisting with the coordination of Charles’ electoral campaign that lead to his victory in 2007 as the Free National Movement Member of Parliament for the Golden Isles constituency and later as a Cabinet Minister in the Hubert Ingraham administration and as Chairman of the FNM. Dud would continue to invest his time and political knowledge within the FNM, advising and then serving as one of the general election’s trainers for candidates and poll workers for several general elections.

He was so effective in his role that he was assigned the position of coordinator of one of the election zones during the 2017 general elections, which the party successfully won. Dud was truly respected and appreciated by the Free National Movement.

Dud was a no nonsense, plain speaking, proud Bahamian. He was fearless in taking a position, and when he chose a side in a fight, he was a fierce defender and a formidable opponent.

He was not particularly concerned about being “politically correct”, however he was more concerned about speaking his political truth. I had the great honor of sitting with him and benefiting from his advice. Even though he had physical struggles of his own, he was still trying to find ways of helping others. Dud had a big heart.

Dud was also well known as a consummate businessman and entrepreneur, having established and operated a number of business ventures over the years in a number of

areas such as aviation charter and maintenance, tour operations, garbage collection, water adventure, construction and most notably in the hotel industry with the establishment of the Corner Motel.

Edward Andrew “Dud” Maynard was a true Bahamian patriot, a fearless advocate of democracy and an individual who made significant contributions towards the advancement and development of his beloved Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

On behalf of my wife Berlice, the Official Opposition as well as the Free National Movement, I wish to extend deepest sympathy to his family most especially his wife Isadora and his children Nina, Edward Andrew II, Laverne, Phillipa, Paul, Christian and Ednal as well as his grandchildren and great grandchildren. May his soul rest in peace.

The Hon Michael C. Pintard
Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition Leader of the Free National Movement

16th December 2022

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