Dec 28, 2022

As government spending increases, so is the tax burden on the Bahamian people. They are a “tax and spend” government. The recent announcement by the government of major increases in fees at the Road Traffic Department on a number of services presents an additional tax burden on the Bahamian people particularly during this inflationary time.

The tax burden has increased on the Bahamian people due to this government’s decisions and lack of effective economic policies. This tax and spend approach is even more unjust as the Bahamian people contend with horrible pot hole filled roads and no water to flush their toilets and take a bath.

The Bahamian people are not receiving adequate government services that they pay for. They have been inundated with increases on the cost of food brought on by the government’s tax on breadbasket items. Electricity cost is rising due to the government’s rejection of a sound fuel hedging strategy and a delayed decision that has cost the Bahamian people millions of dollars in savings.

The Bahamian people are being asked to sacrifice everything and carry a heavy tax load yet the government continues to spend with what seems to be no consideration for the burden on the pockets of the Bahamian people.

There is much economic despair in our population and the government must not rely on

prosperity on paper and halt its tax and spend approach. The Bahamian people need relief not more taxes.

Dr. (h.c) Shanendon E.Cartwright M.P Deputy Leader Free National Movement

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