Oct 13, 2022

It is clear to all that no country with shared borders can singularly protect itself from

transnational crime.


As such, The Bahamas has long cooperated with its neighbours in efforts geared toward

mutual security. This includes Accords such as the US Coast Guard Shipriders Agreement

with the RBDF; the OPBAT Agreement which includes the US, Turks & Caicos and the

Bahamas; and the recently signed Shipriders Agreement between the Turks & Caicos

and the Bahamas. It should also be noted that the RBDF and Cuban Border Guards work

very closely together as well. These strategic initiatives must be encouraged and where

possible, enhanced.


Bahamian police officers being seconded to the TCI Constabulary is, however,

something distinctly different. We are sensitive of the fact that the British Government is

responsible for the maintenance of law and order in its territory but it is also of concern

that we are currently going through a crime crisis in The Bahamas.


The Davis administration is struggling to address the bloodshed in our own country.

They are similarly slow and weak in explaining their overall plan for crime prevention,

enforcement, interdiction and rehabilitation. Furthermore, their coordination of other

stakeholders is lacking. Therefore, it is disturbing that some of the very officers they

claim are pivotal (indispensable) to their crime fighting strategy have been shipped to

our sister country to fight a similar crime war there. We want our sister country TCI to be

safe and are prepared to help beyond the traditional accords we have entered into.


However, whenever we shift critical assets the Government has an obligation to explain

its rationale for doing so, especially since there is an 18 per cent increase in homicides in

the Bahamas. It is the responsibility of the government to explain to the public their

decision, make it make sense.


We are facing a crises and the need for human and other resources is great and urgent!

Policy makers must have a greater sense of urgency and this must be seen and heard

when they speak and act.


The Government must be made to explain all aspects of their decision relative to

overseas deployment of Bahamian police officers and whether that affects their efforts

at home.


The Hon Michael C Pintard

Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition Leader of the Free National Movement

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