Oct 7, 2022

The Opposition stands in unity with the 1000 plus individuals that were hired under delegated powers during the last administration but have yet to be regularized by this New Day Government. In a Cabinet Conclusion (ICC (20) 25th Meeting, Conclusion 23), approval was granted for the first cohort of over 600 plus 52 Work Programme participants to be appointed on a temporary month to month basis in the first instance

for a period of one year with effect from 1 June, 2020.

This was executed in accordance with the Cabinet Conclusion based on their performance. However, to date the Davis Administration has yet to honour this commitment for many of these employees who still remain unregulated. It is purported that the Government proposes to have many of these persons rolled over into a new initiative called the PEP Participants Programme which would essentially place these

employees at a disadvantage, resulting in the stagnating of their careers.

It is also of great concern that the persons that comprise the second Cohort and who were appointed on a temporary month to month basis prior to the 2021 general elections are still not regularized. These employees have been issued letters but it is

suspected that their names have yet to be uploaded in the system.

Further, it is being revealed that a Sundry Voucher from Public Service is being forwarded to the Treasury Department to be disseminated resulting in these employees not being paid in a timely manner. Prior to the May 2017 and up to the day of the general elections we were informed that the former Minister of Education, Jerome Fitzgerald hired over 600 plus persons at the Ministry of Education some with letters of

appointments and some without.

Unlike the PLP, we never allowed these persons to be disenfranchised. We call on the government to be fair in their undertakings and to do the right thing and issue the appointment letters that were approved by Cabinet in 2021 to avoid further hardships for these Bahamians due to the government’s failure to issue letters approved by the

former government.

The individuals affected are unable to either apply for job letters or receive increments, which is a disservice to them and a great cause for concern. The Davis Administration must realize that they were elected to work on behalf of all of the people and not just some of the people. We urge the government to stop politicizing these kinds of situations especially when it involves the lives and livelihood of men and women who

just want to provide for their families and to serve members of the public.

#### END ####

The Hon Michael C Pintard

Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition Leader of the Free National Movement

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