Delayed or Broken Campaign Commitments Grows

Aug 9, 2022

The Free National Movement Leader Hon Michael C. Pintard issues the following statement on the PM list of Delayed or Broken Campaign Commitments Grows

The Davis-Cooper Administration is granting hundreds of undisclosed contracts to unidentified contractors, for unknown amounts, for unspecified periods of time, for unclear scope of works while breaking the procurement law consistently, therefore it is not surprising that campaign finance reform, Freedom of Information implementation are on the radar but not on their timetable!

Numerous pledges outlined in the PLP’s blueprint for change and shouted from their political platform are spoken of vaguely as things to be done eventually even when the matter is pressing and urgent.

  1. Reduction of electricity rates
  2. Amendment to the Sexual offenses


  3. Implementation of the Freedom of

    Information Pilot project in several Ministries

  4. Reform of State Owned Enterprises

The FNM intend to give its members an opportunity to candidly share their views on campaign finance reform and our leadership will benefit from the advice and input from various stakeholder groups who have studied this matter for decades and who understand the price countries pay when they fail to operate in a transparent and accountable manner.

The FNM believes that public disclosures by policy makers on their financial position is important. We also believe that clear guidelines to guard against quid pro quo arrangements should be put in place. Furthermore, the government should have public discussions relative draft legislation addressing this important issue.

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