Jul 18, 2022

The FNM has been made aware of the concerns of the employees of the Airport Authority. We, like many Bahamians, take note of the current industrial unrest. As we understand it, The

Government has promised a promotional exercise in the month of June along with addressing other outstanding personal emoluments payable for the month of July.

The Minister responsible for Aviation alerted the public that this matter was remedied by a 10 million dollar allocation that rested between the Ministry of Finance and the Authority. We call on the Ministry of Finance to honour this commitment made. If circumstances have arisen that now prevents the payments promised, just communicate the facts to the workers in a transparent way.

Sadly, this matter is only one of many labour matters reaching a boiling point despite the government’s PR stunt which sought to give the impression that it was moving with haste to help public servants during its budget exercise. The lifeblood of our nation is tied to the maintenance of safe and efficient passage of Bahamians and visitors through our various ports inclusive of our airports. We hope and pray for a rapid, satisfactory negotiation of any residual impasse.Bahamian workers are entitled to timely, ongoing engagement with sincere, reasonable consideration and resolution of their concerns.

We stand in solidarity with workers who insist upon respectful tripartite discussions. We once again demand that the government increase its focus on matters at home (domestically). The Davis administration is clearly distracted from several critical day to day domestic matters.

During the recent annual Labour Day parade Government officials delayed the parade more than once as they interrupted the march to engage in photo-ops rather than join in the march

with workers who need focused leaders who are committed to problem solving. This sad situation today gives this administration another chance to help hurting workers rather than engage in relentless public relations.

We stand ready to assist, wherever possible, to bring speedy and sustainable resolution to this and any other brewing industrial matters. END

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