The Hon Michael Pintard Leader of the of Free National Movement statement on comments mad by the Minister of National Security Hon Wayne Munroe

Jul 7, 2022

July 6th , 2022

Firstly, no such conclave was held that brought stakeholders together for serious
discussions about potential transformative initiatives. It was a briefing on police
investigations into recent murders especially the gang related component.

The Minister is wrong in his assumption that more officers will not result in a deterrent to
crime but instead result in more police involved shootings. The conventional wisdom is
that we should increase saturation patrols because they not only deter criminals but
allow for faster response time to suspicious activities and or police intervention in the
commission of crimes.

Thirdly, it is tragic that the government seem to lack a sense of urgency in putting in
place additional measures to address the carnage on our streets and in our homes. The
Minister should specify what types of initiatives (outside of the obvious covert
operations) they are implementing in conjunction with other stakeholders.

The FNM proposes:
1. Activation of Crime Commission to take a multidimensional approach to this crises
2. Massive educational campaign address anger management, conflict resolution,
survivor’s therapy, crime detection, crime prevention
3. Expansion of CCTV
4. True urban renewal that destroy the habitats (dilapidated buildings, derelict vehicles,
overgrown properties, unregulated developments) where criminality thrive
5. Hiring of qualified experts that can improve our overall approach to crime prevention,
detection, interdiction, enforcement and rehabilitation

Fourthly, the government must stop the tired and largely untrue narrative that initiatives
that would have prevented this dramatic escalation in deadly violence is what is
responsible for where we are. Face and then address our reality.

Lastly the Bahamas needs additional focused competent leadership not just in
government at the policy level but in law enforcement agencies and otherwise who are
motivated by love for country and commitment to building safe livable neighborhoods.
Our promotion exercises must be based on merit and not politics.

We in the Free National Movement believes this government must set better priorities.
More time must be spent by Prime Minister Davis ensuring that there is better
collaboration between various Ministries that can put in place legislation, policies,
programs and projects that can better socialize and engage our youth; create economic
and social opportunities for our citizens; provide swift justice for aggrieved citizens so
that street justice Is not seen as a real option; so that the sense of self worth and value of life and property is increased.

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