Opposition Leader Statement on FNM MP Adrian White

Jun 19, 2022


It has come to the attention of the Free National Movement that charges have been brought today against a number of individuals in the Magistrate’s Court. Among those reportedly charged is Free National Movement Member of Parliament for Long Island Mr. Adrian Gibson.

Given the sensitivity of the matter, I will limit my comments to the following: Mr. Gibson is first and foremost a member in good standing with the Free National Movement and is also an active and important member of our parliamentary caucus. We in the Free National Movement stand in solidarity with Mr. Gibson and believe that according to the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas he is innocent until proven guilty and that he is entitled to due process and a fair trial. The FNM will therefore work to ensure that Mr. Gibson’s rights are observed and not abused and we remain resolute in our position that at the end of this process, Justice and Truth shall prevail.


The Hon Michael C Pintard
Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition Leader of the Free National Movement

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