PLP Using Same Old, Tired, Worn-Out Playbook

Sep 1, 2021

Tuesday August 31st, 2021

(For Immediate Release)


The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the PLP’s deceptive and failed attempt to bribe Unions:

“What’s old is new again for the woeful PLP, led by Master of Corruption, Brave Davis. Desperate to seize back power, they continue to replicate the lies and deceptive tactics that have long become a hallmark of their campaigns. The PLP is quick to make promises, but never keep them. This time around Davis attempted to bribe the Bahamas National Congress of Trade Unions, promising to address all their issues in exchange for their support in the upcoming election.  But Bahamians have grown wise to Brave’s deceitful tactics, with nine separate Unions stating they never heard of the agreement, and ‘refuse to stand idly by and allow our members to be used as pawns’.

“Davis’ efforts to manufacture headlines isn’t new. Many will remember when he served as the top deputy in the disastrous Christie Administration and they were called out for attempting to hold a fake opening for Baha Mar. At the time The Tribune wrote, ‘Mr. Davis’ contributions during the public hearing, as well as during his subsequent interview with reporters, were devoid of details’, making it clear their ‘soft-opening’ was nothing but a failed publicity stunt.

“The woeful PLP under Brave Davis has come to the end of the line.  Being called out as they turn to their old deceitful tactics, as well as being lambasted by the media for their warmed-over economic plan, called out for being ‘recycled’ from their previously failed promises and ‘unfulfilled’ plan.

“On the other hand, the Minnis Administration will continue working to make historic reforms to raise the standards for transparency and accountability, and the FNM will always put people over politics.  They are working to overcome the historic challenges we’ve faced as a nation these past few years, as they seek to build opportunities and a better future for all Bahamians.”


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