FNM Releases 2021 Manifesto

Sep 1, 2021


Wednesday September 1st, 2021

(For Immediate Release)


The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the party’s 2021 Manifesto:


Today, the Free National Movement released its 2021 Manifesto.  Party Chairman, Carl Culmer, stated, “Manifesto 2021 details the FNM Party’s comprehensive plans for the country’s health, economic and social recovery.  It provides new and progressive ideas to take the country forward, following the worst national disaster in the history of our country and as we work through a devastating global pandemic.”


He further stated, “The Manifesto also details a number of the Minnis Administration’s numerous accomplishments for the Bahamian people over the past four and half years, despite these unprecedented events.  It serves as a bold statement about the future of The Bahamas.”


Among the FNM’s pledges in Manifesto 2021 are the following:


  • End the emergency phase of the pandemic, by continuing the comprehensive National Vaccination Programme, expanding testing capacity at the National Reference Lab, continuing to foster robust contact tracing, enacting legislation to replace the Emergency Orders, improving public health infrastructure, and other elements of the COVID 19 response detailed in the Manifesto;


  • Give Bahamians more access to land and affordable homeownership throughout the country by building on existing programs, while also developing new ones;


  • Establish a Ministry of Investments, Financial Services and Commerce, to expand conditions for economic growth and trade, opportunity and job creation, to transform domestic and international investments, and to enhance Bahamian ownership of the economy through entrepreneurship and innovation;


  • Expand the Family Island Infrastructure programme by continuing to construct airports, bridges, roads, docks, hospital upgrades and clinics, and other essential infrastructure to enhance the quality of life for all Bahamians;


  • Resource a National Sovereign Wealth Fund to mobilize assets and private capital for infrastructure development;


  • Collaborate with the Grand Bahama Port Authority to improve business processes on Grand Bahama, in particular for micro-businesses, execute a housing programme, and create master plans for East and West Grand Bahama;


  • Implement the work of the National Commission on Marijuana, including: decriminalising the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, legalising medical marijuana, establishing a Cannabis Licensing Authority and making Crown Land available for Bahamians to grow legal cannabis; and


  • Build the technical infrastructure to undergird the work of the Information Commissioner already appointed by this Minnis Administration under the Freedom of Information Act.


Some of the accomplishments identified in Manifesto 2021 include:


  • Taken the country from a decade of either no growth or net negative growth to a period of consecutive years of economic growth prior to Hurricane Dorian and the pandemic;


  • Introduced the historic Fiscal Responsibility Act, which led the way to a 60% reduction in annual fiscal deficits before Hurricane Dorian and the pandemic;


  • Executed a massive infrastructure programme throughout the Islands of The Bahamas, including the docks, bridges, airport upgrades, water works, seawalls, and extensive roadworks throughout the Family Islands and New Providence;


  • Transformed the provision of Government services to the public through digital platforms, including e-passports, licenses, and birth, death and marriage certificates, as well as education instruction;


  • Established the Small Business Development Centre, which has provided critical business support to micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and has approved over $60 million for approximately 2,000 Medium- and Small-Sized Enterprises; and


  • Consistently reduced serious crimes, including murders, armed robberies, and sexual offences, through deliberate strategies.


More of the FNM Party’s 2021 Manifesto will be shared this evening by the Party’s Leader, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, at the Rollin’ Red Rally at the Winton Super Value Food Store parking lot and streamed live on social media platforms.


Manifesto – Free National Movement


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