Chairman Culmer Rebukes Break-In at FNM Headquarters

Aug 27, 2021

Carl Culmer, Chairman of The Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement regarding last night’s break in at the FNM’s headquarters:

“This morning it was discovered that the FNM headquarters was broken into at some point last night. We don’t have any details at the moment but are hopeful that an investigation will bring answers and justice will be served.

“It doesn’t seem coincidental that our party’s headquarters would be broken into on the evening before nomination day, but regardless of intent, it is a shame that someone would do this after the years of peaceful elections that our country is proud of.

“We encourage all political parties in The Bahamas to rebuke this type of behavior as it has no place in our electoral process. The FNM will provide more information when it becomes available.”




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