PLP Still Playing Politics with Pandemic

Aug 21, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement in response to the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) Pandemic Response Recommendations:

“Within days of the global pandemic reaching the shores of The Bahamas, the Government, the private sector, health professionals and religious leaders all came together to with the goal of saving lives. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the woeful PLP, under the old and tired Brave Davis, his chief mentee, the loquacious Chester Cooper, and his chief henchman, Fred Mitchell, to steer their own partisan political path. As is accustom to the PLP’s League of Corruption, they quickly began a full court press attacking any and all efforts to protect the health and safety of Bahamians.

“And they did it again this week with the woeful PLP changing their tune once again and now clamouring for ‘more proactive’ measures and to ‘follow the advice of health professionals,’ regarding COVID-19 response measures. It’s not lost on anyone except this PLP crew that their fearful leader, Davis just recently was attacking the Government, literally saying, ‘emergency regulations are a clear overreach with no benefit’.

“Which is it Brave? Do you want to save lives or keep trying in your bizarre effort to score political points during a global pandemic? What is clear is that the emergency measures instituted by the Minnis Administration have saved lives. And it’s because of the Prime Minister’s aggressive efforts to work with health care experts to develop health and safety protocols. And as a doctor, our Prime Minister would be the first to tell you there is no playbook to deal with an unprecedented global pandemic of this magnitude, so he’s been taking a data-driven approach to save lives.

“Sadly, the woeful PLP’s official position throughout has been political expediency. In stark contrast, this FNM Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, will continue making the tough but necessary decisions to save lives while we work to re-open our economy in a safe and responsible manner. That’s leadership, Brave should take note.”


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