Minnis Administration Secures Pfizer Doses from the U.S.

Aug 12, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the arrival of 128,700 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in The Bahamas:

“From the outset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Minnis and his Administration have long stated that the way out of this pandemic, which has taken lives and wrecked economies globally, is through a mass vaccination campaign.

“Since the arrival of the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccines earlier this year, the FNM Government has been working tirelessly to obtain additional vaccines, as well as the necessary equipment to properly store them. Not an easy task when so many around the world are seeking the same thing. But the Prime Minister and his Administration were resolute in working to make it happen and today’s arrival of 128,700 doses of the Pfizer vaccine is the first shipment of what will be nearly 400,000 doses that we will receive from the United States Government because of that work.

“The arrival of these Pfizer vaccines means The Bahamas now has enough doses to meet the demand existing throughout country and will allow us to continue upon our National Vaccination Campaign. The Prime Minister has reiterated his call for all Bahamians to come forward and do their part by receiving the vaccine so that we can continue our successful economic reopening in a safe and secure manner as we work towards a return to normalcy.

“But as Bahamians come forward to receive their vaccines, Dr. Minnis has also made clear – we cannot let our guard down. We must continue to follow the protocols: washing hands and wearing our masks when around others. Meanwhile the Prime Minister and this FNM Government will continue working tirelessly to bring in more vaccines and to save lives and livelihoods, because Bahamians deserve nothing less from their elected officials.”

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