Fred Mitchell’s Conniption – an Attempt to Distract

Aug 11, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement in response to Fred Mitchell’s comments on the Government’s decision to use an image of Arthur Hanna on the 100 dollar note:

“The PLP’s desperate attempt to take credit for changing the image on the $100 note to Arthur Hanna is as bizarre as it is illuminating of Fred Mitchell’s state of mind and that of the PLP leadership he apparently ‘spoke’ to. Typical of the woeful PLP to take credit for things they didn’t accomplish, but recoil behind a phalanx of party lawyers when called to account for their disastrous past.

“The fact is the leadership of the PLP had ample time to honor their leaders or follow through on any of their campaign promises when they last held office. But as even the media has made clear they ‘frittered away much of its last term’, with ‘essentially no real economic growth’ and, “it is an irrefutable fact that the PLP… drifted from scandal to scandal’. Fred would have been better served to discuss those facts when he ‘spoke’ to the two chief architects of the PLP’s disastrous debacle.

“But Fred’s latest ‘breaking news’ dispatch fits a pattern of today’s woeful PLP leadership – bereft of leadership, with no new ideas or solutions – continually launching into a series of often contradictory, politically-motivated attacks even during a global pandemic. Fred would be well advised to set aside the pettiness and maybe read his own party’s after-action report from the last election – when they were swept out of power in historic fashion – to learn a little about why people don’t trust them to lead the country. Maybe he’d realize his petty-little, credit-seeking release during a global pandemic is one of the many.

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