Brave Can’t Defend Disastrous Record

Aug 4, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ continuing disingenuous attempts to hide his disastrous record of failure and PLP scandals:

“Brave Davis continues to hide behind lawyers in his disingenuous attempts to hide his disastrous record of failures and PLP scandals. Using party attorneys to strong arm TV regulators, Davis would hope the public doesn’t know what everyone has known for a long time – Brave served as Perry Christie’s right-hand man and top lieutenant, in what was one of the most historically disastrous regimes.

“Don’t take our word for it. What Brave doesn’t want you to know was just printed plain as day in the media, again. His PLP’s record on crime? The Nassau Guardian accurately stated, ‘the current murder record was set in 2015 when Davis was the Deputy prime Minister’. The stagnant economy under the PLP? The Guardian cited a report by the International Monetary Fund which stated, ‘there was essentially no real economic growth’ during the last PLP administration.

“And on corruption the Guardian makes clear, ‘it is an irrefutable fact that the PLP in office under Christie drifted from scandal to scandal.’ Going on to write, ‘The PLP’s leadership (Brave Davis!) itself commissioned an independent election study to help determine the keys to their defeat, in which they ‘identified corruption perceptions as a major reason for the PLP’s defeat in 2017.’

“Bahamians know that nothing with Brave has changed since the PLP was voted out of office in historic fashion in 2017. He wasn’t trusted then and he isn’t trusted now – and hiding behind lawyers to threaten TV regulators won’t change that fact. Try as he may, Brave Davis can’t defend his shameful record, but neither can he run from it.”

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