Brave Davis – Couldn’t Be Trusted Then, Can’t Be Trusted Now

Aug 1, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ mismanagement of BAMSI while serving as Minister of Works:

“Brave Davis is doing everything within his power to hide the mountain of failures that took place while he served as Perry Christie’s top lieutenant. However, Bahamians won’t soon forget why the woeful PLP was overwhelmingly voted out of office in 2017. It was two years ago yesterday that the Nassau Guardian stated, ‘we do not believe that the PLP has moved much on the trust barometer.’

“The article takes the reader back to when Brave Davis was both Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works – an era the Nassau Guardian described as ‘a period of shockingly wasteful spending.’ A dormitory at BAMSI in Andros had been set ablaze in January of 2015, after having paid the building contractor over $500,000. Under any normal set of circumstances, the dorm would have been covered by insurance. But, either by sheer ineptitude or rank incompetence, Brave Davis failed to purchase insurance – a requirement for building projects before they begin.

“Davis’ incompetence left taxpayers on the hook, but it was his dishonesty in dealing with his colleagues in Parliament where he showed his true colors. Brave first insisted the insurance had lapsed, but when it was brought to his attention that the insurance company, which he claimed owned the policy, didn’t even exist, Davis ducked and dodged, saying he needed to gather more information. It took two weeks before Brave finally came clean, admitting proper insurance had never been purchased for the building. So, taxpayers became his fallback plan.

“Today, whether hiding behind lawyers or contradicting himself weekly regarding the Government’s pandemic response measures, Brave Davis remains allergic to the truth. Bahamians shudder to think what disasters would unfold if a Brave Davis-led PLP Government held power during the country’s last two crises.”

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