Which Brave Davis Will Speak Tomorrow?

Jul 27, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ latest politically motivated attacks on efforts to fight the pandemic:

“In an effort to prevent transmission of the virus that has taken countless lives and wrecked economies globally, nations across the world are toughening pandemic-response measures as we face this latest surge. Our Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, understands the burden new pandemic measures present, but he also knows the vital need to take precautions now, in order to keep Bahamians safe, in the hopes of protecting our economic reopening and to keep Bahamians working.

“Yet, right on cue, Brave Davis responded with his usual, contradictory, politically-motivated attacks. It was only two weeks ago that Davis was expressing his concern and disapproval of the impending dropping of emergency orders, but now, as the Government takes steps to fight back against the virus sweeping across the globe, Brave is dismayed at the actions to save lives, suggesting they are ‘disruptive’.

“In March 2020, Brave was ranting that the administration wasn’t ‘sufficiently proactive enough’. By mid-November, it was the pandemic response measures ‘may adversely impact the public.’ Then just days later, he was asking Bahamians to ‘exercise self-discipline and comply’ with the lockdown measures which he stated, ‘are in line with World Health Organization guidelines.’

“Which is it Brave!?! Too much? Not enough? Just pick a position and stick with it for a while. Brave’s politically-motivated attacks only show that, like a politician, he is always speaking out of both sides of his mouth, even during a global pandemic! Despite the woeful PLP’s continued criticism, Prime Minister Minnis will continue working to save lives and livelihoods by making the tough but necessary decisions to keep Bahamians safe and businesses open.”

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