Try As He Might, Brave Davis Can’t Hide From His Party’s Record

Jul 26, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the PLP’s continuing efforts to hide their record from the public:

“It was two years ago this week the woeful PLP went into their party convention. The media accurately lambasted the party at the time, writing that with returning leaders like Brave Davis and his hand-picked chairman Fred Mitchell – who sought to run unopposed – as former members of the Christie Cabinet – ‘they will all have a difficult time seeking to project the party as the ‘new PLP’ that can be trusted.’ And a Tribune editorial has publicly called them out, writing, ‘The New PLP — Same as the Old One?’

“In fact, the press also wrote the PLP was, ‘still struggling to portray itself as a dynamic and progressive force that can be trusted by the electorate once again’. Through Hurricane Dorian response and the pandemic, Brave Davis and his PLP have done nothing to assuage those fears. It’s not lost on anyone, except Brave himself, that his own party’s autopsy after their disastrous showing in 2017 pointed to, ‘the perception of the PLP as corrupt was the single greatest element that impacted the party.’

“Back then, when one of his party’s Ministers admited publicly, ‘he sought contracts from Baha Mar for his family’s business’, the press wrote, ‘Did Davis condemn the actions of his colleague?… No.’ They criticized him for turning a ‘blind eye’ even ‘when clear evidence emerged that a minister had used his position to try to enrich his family’.

“Brave should read his own party’s 2017 autopsy because he can try to hide behind his party chairman and lawyers, but as someone who hopes to lead the country, he won’t be able to hide his party’s record on corruption from the people. He needs to understand that trust is earned, and the Bahamian people won’t go back to the days of politicians running the country into the ground as they serve themselves at the people’s expense.”

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