Prime Minister Minnis Ratified Along with Remaining FNM Candidates

Jul 15, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the ratification of Prime Minister Minnis and Deputy Prime Minister Desmond Bannister, as well as candidates for the Fox Hill and Pineridge constituencies:

“The FNM is proud to announce its ratification of all 39 candidates for the upcoming election. Last night, Party Leader and Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis was ratified alongside Deputy Prime Minister Desmond Bannister, Fox Hill candidate John Pinder, and Pineridge candidate Welbourne Clinton Bootle.

“Being raised Over-The-Hill, Prime Minister Minnis understands the important role that government should play in helping individuals to overcome challenges. While managing the largest disaster recovery effort in the nation’s history and leading The Bahamas through the global pandemic to a safe and responsible reopening, Prime Minister Minnis has not slowed the wheels of change. He has opened the door for young Bahamians to receive Crown Land; he’s made education free for qualifying students and has aggressively worked to develop the Family Islands while focusing on the redevelopment of traditional Over-The-Hill communities.

“Born in Andros, Deputy Prime Minister, Desmond Bannister has worked aggressively to improve infrastructure throughout the Bahamas, bringing a historic level of development to the Family Islands, and his success in improving BPL demonstrates his determination to advance the quality of life for every Bahamian.

“From a taxicab driver to an attorney to the President of the Caribbean Public Service Association, John Pinder’s strong work ethic and passion to serve the people has been evident for decades. In Parliament, Pinder will represent working families and help his FNM colleagues find complex solutions to complex problems.

“An Abaconian with a 40-year career in law enforcement, Welbourne Clinton Bootle is passionate about building a community in which our children and grandchildren are safe and have every opportunity to pursue their dreams. Drawing from his experiences, Welbourne will bring new ideas and determination towards fighting crime.

“The FNM is proud of all 39 candidates ratified for the next election because of the diverse skillset, experience and new ideas that they bring to the table. Together, these candidates, under the leadership of Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, will continue making lasting reforms and creating a more modern, more transparent and more supportive government for all Bahamians.”

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