Brave Davis Should Apologize Immediately

Jun 17, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ obscene speech in Parliament:

“It’s been about a week since Brave Davis’ mentor came out of hiding, imploring people to support his pupil, and now Brave is adopting some of former Prime Minister Perry Christie’s most unfortunate demeanor and conduct in public. Bahamians won’t soon forget their former, embattled Prime Minister, Perry Christie flipping the bird at a political rally in front of children and seniors and his absolute refusal to apologize for such a public display from an elected leader. Not to be out done, Davis is lowering himself and showing he is unable to hold himself to the standard expected in Parliament.

“Sadly, in all his many, many, many years in office, Brave Davis has failed to learn that foul language and childish antics are not the conduct of a true leader, they are the tools of a person clearly out of his element, unable to articulate a coherent argument or even demonstrate any kind of character. Will the PLP ever learn that the people want – and deserve – more from their elected leaders? What Brave did today was obscene and below the character of one that would seek to lead a country.

“Brave’s behavior in Parliament demands an apology to all Bahamians. Hopefully he won’t continue to follow in the childly, defiant footsteps of his mentor Perry Christie by refusing to own up to his actions, and instead change course immediately. Elected leaders should bring inspiration and encouragement to the next generation of Bahamians; yet Brave’s continued behavior is the antithesis of a role model and an embarrassment to himself and his party.”

– END –


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