Tourism Growing by ‘Leaps and Bounds’

Jun 16, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the optimistic metrics from the Ministry of Tourism:

“Prior to Hurricane Dorian and the global pandemic, The Bahamas was seeing a record-number of tourists come to our country. This wasn’t achieved by accident. Hard work and leadership from this FNM Government worked to enhance our tourism product and increase our visibility in the global market through strategic marketing endeavors. And while tourism was brought to a standstill during the pandemic, we continue to see encouraging signs of a sustained rebound.

“Yesterday, the Ministry of Tourism reported 300,000 visitors have come to our shores since the beginning of the year. And while this number is down overall from 2019’s record-breaking year, the 6,000-8,000 health VISAs being processed every day demonstrates a significant uptick and an optimistic sign that tourism is trending in a positive direction.

“Just as our record-breaking year in 2019 was no accident, neither is our current rebound. The Minnis Administration has worked diligently from the outset of the pandemic to save lives and livelihoods as they made the tough but necessary decisions that has led to a safe and responsible phased reopening of the economy. They have done this as they have kept up the work improving the tourism sector, such as continuing to revamp infrastructure and implementing homeporting, which is expected to bring 30,000-35,000 guests this year alone.

“Yet right on cue, as encouraging signs are abound, woeful PLP keeps to their standard policy of seeking to talk down every and any positive developments in The Bahamas. From continuing contradictory statement’s regarding the Government’s pandemic response to ignoring steady progress, Brave and his team only offer up politically motivated attacks, yet no solutions. The people took note long ago of their lack of leadership and ideas. And regardless of their antics, the Minnis Administration will continue working to position The Bahamas for a rebound that leads to a full recovery as they work towards building a better future for everyone.”

– END –


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