PLP – Same Party, Different Day

Jun 14, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding former Prime Minister Perry Christie’s statements regarding the next general election:

“What’s old is new again, for the woeful PLP. The fact that the old-and-tired Brave Davis needs his mentor, former Prime Minister Perry Christie, to plead for support on his behalf pretty much shows the state of the PLP. No one can forget the historic loss the PLP suffered in 2017 under the disastrous leadership of Christie and his pupil Brave Davis.

“Christie himself played up all the old hits in his speech last week – playing the victim card, insinuating the PLP didn’t deserve the corruption label they have worked so to earn in action and in deed while in power. Christie sadly sees his way back to influence and power goes through his pupil Brave, so the former Prime Minister is now working in overdrive to prop up Brave’s failing campaign.

“The people aren’t hearing any of it, they know a return of the disastrous duo, who ruined our economy while lining their pockets as they awarded contracts to friends and families, would rob our country of any hope for a rebound from the pandemic. We can’t have leaders like Brave Davis holding power who are more focused on enriching themselves at the people’s expense.

“The Minnis Administration has been showing real leadership through this pandemic, making the tough decisions to save lives and preserve livelihoods. As more people become vaccinated, the Free National Movement knows that the hard work must continue and has us poised to rebuild and recover as we look to build a better future for everyone.”

– END –


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