Nearing Two Year Anniversary of Free Education at UB

Jun 10, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the Government’s following through on its commitment to provide free education to qualifying students:

“When the Minnis Administration came to office in May of 2017, it pledged to make lasting reforms in The Bahamas to propel our nation forward. Growing up in Over the Hill, Prime Minister Minnis understands the role education can play to lift people up and provide opportunities to advance and grow. Two years ago, the Administration announced qualifying students would receive free tuition at UB and allowing students to apply for housing grants – proving the Government’s commitment to expanding access and opportunity for so many young minds.

“And this program has been a success and is getting results! Enrollment at UB has increased as a result of both free tuition and financial assistance for housing, which helps to lessen the financial burden on students and their families. In the first year alone, 90-95% of students were beneficiaries of the government’s tertiary grant program.

“Students and parents alike have lauded the program and understand how it is opening doors for so many young Bahamians, with some students saying, ‘It has given [them] the opportunity to further [their] education and [their] parents don’t have to worry about a large sum of money.’ Another student at UB claimed that the free tuition had been a ‘big blessing.’

“Unlike previous administrations, this FNM Government believes in making transformational progress for all Bahamians, not just the chosen few. Real leadership doesn’t mean band-aides or quick fixes that don’t really address the true challenges we face as a nation. Despite the historic crisis we’ve experienced, the Minnis Administration will continue pushing for long-term reforms in education as well as infrastructure and government transparency, so we a positioned for a sustained economic rebound that leads us to a brighter future for all.”

– END –


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