PLP Prioritizes Partisan Games Over Relief for Bahamians

May 27, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the PLP’s response to yesterday’s budget communication presentation:

“In what has sadly become a recurring theme, as Prime Minister Minnis unveiled the budget communication – with plans to accelerate the country’s rebound by creating job opportunities and economic growth while also managing the fiscal implications of the global shutdown that are still rippling across the world – the old and tired Brave Davis and his top protege, the loquacious Chester Cooper, offered up their assessment, which true to form was high on politically motivated attacks and empty rhetoric, and bereft of any meaningful ideas of their own.

“As the Government works night and day to help the many Bahamians struggling under the effects of the pandemic, the PLP’s axis of corruption is working tirelessly on doing anything and everything to talk down the country. From recently completing negotiations on the historic oversee airspace deal with the United States, which will bring an estimated $300 million over a decade, to the $100 million World Bank loan – the Minnis Administration is working to stabilize the country as we look to turn the corner towards a sustained recovery.

“The Prime Minister offered a clearheaded assessment of our current fiscal circumstances on the heels of the two unprecedented crises. The necessary borrowing in this budget will help to position the country for economic recovery that continues to methodically pick up steam. Being honest with the public is a mark of true leadership, so the PLP will be forgiven for not comprehending that. But in their eminently predictable, off-the-mark, politically motivated attack, Davis and his economic puppet, Cooper, conveniently dismiss the fact that our debt-to-GDP ratio pales in comparison to a host of other nations and skip over the glaringly obvious reasons for increasing expenditures to mitigate, and now, recover from an unprecedented health crisis.

“The woeful PLP’s feeling of obligation to oppose anything and everything our Government says or does clearly takes priority over any obligation to serve the people. Because amidst all of their typical attacks yesterday, they once again failed to offer up any concrete ideas or solutions.

“What the Minnis Administration presented was a comprehensive plan that looks to lift up small business owners, continues to make progress revamping our long-neglected infrastructure – including our hospitals – seeks to get people back to work and keeps in place the safety net for those that are struggling as the economy starts to recover. It also takes into account the hard work that continues, and much more remains to be done as we work our way towards a robust, post-pandemic, economic recovery. And while the woeful PLP will continue to fall into their predictable role and launch their nonsensical politically motivated attacks, this FNM Government will continue looking out for all Bahamians as we build back to a better future for everyone.”

– END –


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