Davis Still Proving He’s Unfit to Lead

May 17, 2021

Davis Still Proving He’s Unfit to Lead

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ contradictory statements concerning the government’s pandemic response measures:

“Quick to perpetuate politically motivated attacks but devoid of any solutions, every time the Master of Corruption, Brave Davis himself, opens his mouth he only proves why he is unfit to lead. It was just days ago that Brave Davis took to the podium to state his apparent concern that the Government wasn’t doing enough; but today is a new day, and with it a new position from Brave with him slamming the administration’s efforts to take decisive action using emergency powers.

“Which is it Brave? Too much, or not enough? The one thing that is clear is that Bahamians have had enough of Brave’s continuing theatrics during a pandemic. This is the same man who fled the country for treatment after catching the virus while ignoring protocols. Some days he claims the Minnis Administration isn’t taking actions based on science, while the Government is literally implementing measures based on the recommendation of healthcare experts and international organizations such as the CDC and WHO. Other days he rambles on with another politically motivated attack criticizing the Government for not purchasing unapproved and untested vaccines to give out to the Bahamian people. You’ve got to ask, when did Brave become an authority on medical science? Was it when he went to the United States for his treatment?

“Even now, Davis will shamelessly admit in one breath that he supported the initial emergency measures, giving the Government the ability to make quick, decisive actions, but then in the next breath attacks the efforts that have saved lives while complaining about the virus cases. The contradictions are dizzying! Despite Davis’ politically motivated rhetoric, Prime Minister Minnis continues to lead, working with healthcare experts while making the tough decisions necessary to win the fight against the virus and sustain a safe and responsible reopening of the economy.”

– END –


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