PLP Rhetoric Reeks of Desperation

May 13, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ latest politically motivated rhetoric:

“The Minnis Administration is proving their determination to protect livelihoods as well as lives. In working to mitigate the social impacts of the historic, global pandemic, the Government has worked to deliver the largest unemployment benefit program in the country’s history. The Government also realizes the real struggles so many families continue to face as it implements the food assistance program, as well as offering grants and loans to small business owners to help them maintain payroll.

“Leave it to the Master of Corruption, Brave Davis, to criticize any and all these efforts while failing to offer anything in the way of solutions – even suggesting these critical efforts are a political game. If only the Bahamian people could live on Brave’s empty rhetoric and nonsensical political attacks, we’d all be rich. The Minnis Administration doesn’t have time for Brave’s childish political games, because in addition to managing a recovery from back-to-back unprecedented crisis, they are working day and night to fix the economic mess left by the woeful PLP’s five long disastrous years of corruption and neglect while in power.

“Prime Minister Minnis is the first to say that much work remains to be done to meet the goals his Administration set out to accomplish when taking office; nevertheless, this FNM Government has done more for the nation, despite the unforeseen crisis, than the PLP had dreamed of during their years where they focused more on turning corruption into an art form.

“Weekly fires at the landfill are a thing of the past, significant improvements have been made at BPL; legislation to bring transparency and government accountability is finally seeing the light of day; new agencies, such as the SBDC are directly benefiting Bahamians and not being used to line the pockets of politicians; education is finally getting the commitment it deserves; infrastructure developments are met with less talk and more action; and the Family Islands are no longer being forced to take a back seat.

“Despite Davis’ unsubstantiated rhetoric, the Minnis Administration is bringing transparency to government at a historic level, demanding accountability, and building the framework to bring take a post-pandemic economy through a renaissance, because the Prime Minister knows Bahamians deserve nothing less than from their elected leaders.”

– END –


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