Minnis Administration Working Hard to Deliver and Get Results

Apr 27, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the Minnis Administration’s leadership for the Family Islands and around the country:

“Nobody would argue that much work remains in developing the Family Islands, putting them in a position to thrive in the long term. The Minnis Administration, however, is moving the needle, fulfilling its commitment to bring long-overdue attention to the Family Islands, which had been neglected by successive governments.

“Roads and infrastructure development, education investments, new job opportunities and better healthcare are just a few of the areas that our FNM Government has worked hard to improve and enhance the quality of life for all Family Islanders.

“When Hurricane Dorian, one of the worse storms in recorded history, caused unmeasurable damage, the Minnis Administration set about to build it back better than before. That’s exactly what the Government is doing in Grand Bahama by, not only rebuilding, but improving and renovating the Rand Hospital to help meet the demand for quality healthcare. Focusing on the future of healthcare, the Government has worked to ensure a new medical school in Freeport is on target to open next year, which will open the door to new opportunities for young Bahamians, while making a positive impact on the quality of our healthcare system.

“The Minnis Administration promised to improve education in the Family Islands, and they are doing just that, delivering the largest investment into Grand Bahama schools at one time, transforming fifteen schools throughout the island. In Eleuthera, the Government is working with the local chamber of commerce and Disney Cruise Line to open businesses incubators in order to provide local entrepreneurs and prospective business owners with training, support, space and access to technology so they can grow and prosper.

“Prime Minister Minnis has consistently demonstrated his dedication to improving the lives of all Bahamians and will continue to do so. By ensuring vaccinations reach the Family Islands, improving our tourism product, enhancing schools and infrastructure, the Minnis Administration is moving the Family Islands forward and preparing the way for a more prosperous future for all.”

– END –


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