Minnis Administration Following Through on Campaign Promises

Apr 27, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the Minnis Administration’s work to implement the Freedom of Information Act:

“The expectation for a more accountable and more transparent government has risen for years, as generations of Bahamians want a government that operates with integrity. Despite the last administration working to tear down efforts to increase transparency in government, the Minnis administration is rolling out the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) – a promise made, and a promise kept by this FNM Government.

“The Freedom of Information Act could have been passed before, but as soon as the woeful PLP took office in 2012, they worked to tear down the Nation’s progress in creating a more transparent and accountable government. With Brave Davis as his top lieutenant, Prime Minister Christie made sure FOI went nowhere, as they turned corruption into an art form and were determined not to let anything jeopardize their efforts to enrich themselves while covering up the multitude of scandals occurring on their watch. Sadly, missing VAT revenue, missing Hurricane Matthew relief funds, scandals surrounding PLP leaders and a tawdry relationship with their chief benefactor, then-foreign billionaire, Peter Nygard, are the hallmarks of the PLP’s time in power.

“By contrast, the Minnis Administration has shown, despite back-to-back historic crisis, that they are determined to continue fulfilling their commitments to the Bahamian people to move the country forward. A new landfill in New Providence, free education for qualifying students, tax relief in economic empowerment zones, long overdue upgrades at BPL, and improving infrastructure on the Family Islands are but a few of those commitments the FNM Government is getting results on. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Minnis, our Government will continue delivering results because we know the people deserve nothing less from their elected leaders.”

– END –


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