Prime Minister Illustrates the PLP’s Fiscal Irresponsibility

Apr 13, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s revelation of the PLP’s latest multi-million-dollar, taxpayer boondoggle:

“Sadly, Brave Davis is nothing if not true to himself. Unfortunately for Bahamians, Brave Davis’ ‘true self’ is that of an out of touch, elitist, politician who enriches himself at the people’s expense. When confronted about his party’s $10 million government entertainment mansion – a multi-million-dollar, taxpayer funded boondoggle – Brave didn’t blush, instead he complained, ‘it was never that amount to my recollection.’

“The facts are the PLP Government – where Brave served as the Deputy Prime Minister – paid $4 million for the property and then had sunk up to $3 million more in renovations – and the PLP’s Pleasure Palace was still not completed. The $10 million figure for the incomplete pleasure palace may be too conservative, knowing how much Brave and his PLP like to lavish taxpayer dollars on themselves.

“It seems odd the PLP would even need another luxurious estate to hangout when we all know of their fondness for spending time with their chief benefactor, Peter Nygard, at his opulent mansion and beachfront property.

“It must have also been lost on Brave in the midst of unprecedented crisis where the Minnis Administration is working to save lives and livelihoods that the PLP’s Pleasure Palace is a costly reminder of where Brave and his PLP place their attention. We are still paying for the former PLP administration’s fiscal incompetence and uncontrolled spending. But it’s fair to say we now know that during the PLP’s previous tenure, as Bahamians suffered through an epidemic of crime rates, faltering schools, four consecutive credit downgrades, rising unemployment, missing VAT dollars and lack of relief for Hurricane Matthew victims, the woeful PLP was busy building a new pleasure palace for entertaining dignitaries. That perfectly sums up the differences between the woeful PLP and the current Administration.

“Prime Minister Minnis is actually working to invest in a future for all Bahamians. From opening up more Crown Land for the people, targeting Over The Hill for development resources, and working to establish a sovereign wealth fund, this FNM Government is working to serve all Bahamians, not just the chosen few.”

– END –


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