Administration Remains Focused on Assisting Bahamians in Need

Apr 7, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the government’s extension of the food assistance and unemployment assistance programs:

“Our Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, has prioritized the health and safety of Bahamians since the onset of the global pandemic. Collaborating with healthcare experts and community leaders, the Government focused on ways to prevent an unmanageable spread of the virus and its efforts have met with success overall. However, Prime Minister Minnis constantly stresses the pandemic is not over yet, and we must remain vigilant, keeping our guard up. Throughout he has remained focused on saving lives, while working to save livelihoods.

“Yesterday the government announced it would be extending the food assistance program through June, as it is imperative that those who are continuing to be impacted by the economic hardships of the pandemic are still able to feed their families. The Government’s program is already the largest food assistance effort in history and the Minnis Administration is committed to doing what is necessary to ensure Bahamians aren’t going without the most essential needs.

“As the pandemic has put people out of work across the globe, the Minnis Administration also recognized the need for unprecedented unemployment assistance and has extended this program as well, through at least the end of April. In addition to the extension, the program is being expanded to include those who may not have previously qualified for benefits.

“With vaccines being distributed, businesses methodically reopening and tourism on the rise again, there are many encouraging signs to look towards. But Prime Minister Minnis understands the struggle still exists for so many Bahamians as we work to fully reopen the country. He remains focused on ensuring Bahamians won’t go without, as he knows we deserve nothing less from our elected leaders.”

– END –


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