Tourism Uptick as Administration Continues to Navigate Responsible Reopening

Apr 6, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the Minnis Administration’s leadership in managing a safe and responsible reopening:

“Just over a year ago, COVID-19 reached The Bahamas, taking lives, shutting down the economy and changing life for Bahamians as it had everywhere else in the world. However, encouraging signs with the arrival of the vaccine and a significant increase in visitors to The Bahamas has everyone hopeful that these continued steps will continue the positive momentum that’s been building for several months.

“Based on the number of health visas purchased – which reached 60,000 – March was the busiest month for tourism since the start of the pandemic, a truly encouraging sign. While vaccines are being distributed many places around the world, including areas of the United States, we hope to see steady progress in the tourism uptick. And our FNM Government, has taken the necessary steps to put the country in a position to maintain the safe and responsible reopening that is taking place.

“The pandemic response measures that have led to our reopening were challenging, and all Bahamians had to make sacrifices in living through the global pandemic. Yet the foresight and leadership of the Minnis Administration in implementing these health and safety protocols has saved lives as they worked tirelessly to save livelihoods. The international healthcare community, which oversees the Global COVID-19 Index, listed The Bahamas as ‘among the countries that have made the most progress in curtailing the spread of the pandemic’ and has highlighted pandemic response measures implemented by the Minnis Administration, stating they, ‘can be used as examples of best practices’ in managing COVID-19’.

“Prime Minister Minnis understood as well as any Bahamian that the lockdowns and other measures taken were difficult but necessary hardships to keep us safe, but we’re now seeing how important these measures were to moving us towards a sustainable reopening where businesses can open their doors. The Minnis Administration will continue working vigilantly to sustain our reopening while working to create new jobs and provide more opportunity to all Bahamians for generations to come.”

– END –

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