Davis Confirms: As PM He’d Sell The Bahamas To Oil Industry

Mar 31, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ dismissive comments concerning his conflict of interest with BPC:

“When the PLP last held power, Brave Davis and Perry Christie moved heaven and earth to help BPC – their recently former client at the time – secure an outrageously beneficial drilling license deal. Their ill-conceived and ill-advised ‘negotiations’ led to what independent experts described as, ‘the world’s worst financial deal for offshore drilling’. In fact, at the time their former client, BPC’s CEO, crowed to investors in London, the deal was, ‘second to none’.

“The CEO also assured investors the much talked about referendum on oil drilling wasn’t going to be an issue. And he was right, because not only did Christie and Davis deliver a sweetheart deal to their ‘former’ client, but they also scuttled a pledged referendum on the matter. Nearly nine years later the country still finds itself trapped into this airtight giveaway Brave Davis locked us into – unable to break the PLP’s agreement without very costly penalties Davis conveniently backed into the deal for his associate.

“Now with BPC threatening to extend their license, Brave is doubling down on his support for his friends at BPC and their desire to keep drilling off our shores. In fact, when the obvious conflict of interest was raised by a reporter Brave had the audacity to respond, “I don’t understand where this issue of conflict arises’.

“Bahamians know Brave Davis places greed above all else, as he has always looked to line his pockets at the people’s expense while in office, but does the PLP really not see why the dark cloud of corruption hangs over their party? Sadly, the only one that doesn’t see Brave Davis has a glaring conflict of interest when it comes to BPC is Brave himself. The PLP reeks of corruption because of Brave, and they will never fix a problem they actively choose to ignore. The people deserve better than a return to the PLP’s League of Corruption. They deserve a transparent and accountable government, that serves the peope, not themselves and their chosen few.”


– END –


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