Davis’ Continue Political Rhetoric During Pandemic

Mar 22, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Davis’ politically motivated attacks regarding the Government’s pandemic measures:

“The Minnis Administration made it their number one priority to keep Bahamians safe throughout the global pandemic that has wreaked havoc on families and economies across the world. Because of our FNM government’s proactive measures, collaboration with healthcare experts, and data-based decision making, the Minnis Administration has been largely successful in its goal to save lives.

“The Global COVID-19 Index (GCI) identified The Bahamas among the countries with ‘a low percentage of infections and resulting deaths per population.’ They also said The Bahamas is ‘among the countries that have made the most progress in curtailing the spread of the pandemic’. GCI highlighted pandemic response measures implemented by the Minnis Administration, stating they, ‘can be used as examples of best practices’ in managing COVID-19. And regarding the vaccine rollout, the Nassau Guardian stated, ‘The organization of the national rollout of public vaccinations against COVID-19 has been commendable.’

“But leave it to the old and tired Brave Davis to sacrifice reality in crafting a far different narrative. In hurling politically motivated attacks at the Minnis Administration, his perpetual contradictions and nonsensical rhetoric only confuses the public. In his pursuit to craft the next politically motivated attack, he’s altogether ignored the Minnis Administration’s interaction with the public regarding both the pandemic response and the vaccine rollout.

“But despite Davis’ confusing and contradictory rhetoric, our Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, will continue demonstrating leadership by managing an effective pandemic response, ensuring that vaccines continue to reach the public and working to build our economy back stronger than ever before, because he knows we deserve nothing less from our elected leaders.”

– END –


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