Brave’s Rhetoric Making Less Sense Each Day

Mar 18, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ latest politically motived attack of the vaccine rollout:

“From the onset of the global pandemic, our FNM government has been proactive in managing the spread of COVID-19, implanting measures to protect all Bahamians and delivering relief to those that have been hit hardest by the financial impact of the pandemic. Dr. Hubert Minnis made a career of saving lives as a doctor, and now as Prime Minister, he’s doing the same.

“Regardless of Brave Davis’s latest politically motivated attack, the vaccine’s arrival to our shores is a hopeful sign as we navigate our way to fully reopening our country. Bizarre as it may be, Brave and his PLP still see the COVID-19 crisis as a political opportunity, as opposed to an unprecedented event that requires true leadership to bring the country together. Week to week the PLP bounces back and forth from one contradictory attack to the next. One-week Brave rails against the Administration for implementing measures that global healthcare experts recognized and lauded The Bahamas for because it saved lives. In the next breath Brave then complains the Government isn’t doing enough.

“What’s more astonishing, is that Brave Davis – someone hoping to lead the country – is now perpetuating skepticism concerning the safety of the vaccines, contradicting a myriad of world-wide healthcare experts, yet in the next breath said he wants the vaccine. His illogic is stunning, and the fact that he speaks out loud in public in such an ill-conceived and ill-advised way is even more stunning. Throughout this crisis Brave Davis has shown a true lack of judgment and faith in the Bahamian people – including our health care professionals who he fled from when he was diagnosed with the virus. And he hopes to lead the country?

“Let’s be clear, our Prime Minister, Dr. Minnis, will continue prioritizing the safety of all Bahamians and work to ensure vaccines reach everyone so we can begin to build a better Bahamas together, because he knows we deserve nothing less from our elected leaders.”

– END –


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