PLP Continues Ratifying their Old Guard

Mar 17, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the PLP’s recent ratification of Brave Davis and Chester Cooper, among others:

“When the PLP’s disastrous tenure ended with a historic defeat in 2017, the party gave lip service to big changes on the horizon for the party. But Bahamians now see this was really the first of what will be barrage of empty rhetoric from the woeful PLP who set about nominating many of the same politicians that led to that historic defeat because of their incompetence and singularly focused efforts to turn corruption into an art form while in power.

“For Brave Davis, what’s old is new again for his PLP, as he sits at the top of the PLP mountain after years of building a career representing drug kingpins and foreign billionaires that exploited our country for decades. With Brave leading the party the PLP is resigned to the fact that any efforts to wash away their well-earned perception of their corrupt party has fallen by the wayside.

“Regardless of what they profess today, their leader – Master of Corruption Brave Davis – spent five years while in power awarding contracts to cronies – his chosen few – over the rest of the people. That was when he was second in command and Bahamians everywhere shudder to think of what he would do with total power. No one can soon forget, serving as Perry Christie’s top lieutenant, Brave, repeated dismissed calls for transparency and accountability, as cabinet members outright embraced their actions even saying, ‘we learned corruption from the U.S.’

“And while some PLPers may be preaching about protecting rights for women and girls, it’s hard to reconcile those calls with the PLP’s deep and sordid ties to indicted sex-trafficker Peter Nygard – their top donor and benefactor. Even Glenys Hannah-Martin, who was also ratified by the PLP last night, admitted, ‘I probably did benefit from the funding he [Peter Nygard] gave.’

“From the PLP’s lofty and high rhetoric, low details-and-data, ‘economic’ plan – strung together with Brave Davis’ failed promises and the loquacious Chester Cooper’s make-believe revenue numbers – to their newly ratified candidates, the woeful PLP has shown they have learned little and done even less to rehabilitate themselves after a disastrous tenure in power. Real leadership starts with accountability and real plans, and while the PLP continues to fail to meet those marks, the FNM will continue working hard through these unprecedented challenges to lead us into a better future.”

– END –


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